Pieces with a story

Pieces with a story

I just love pieces with a story.

More than half of the joy of what I do is meeting the people I purchase furniture from, and hearing the story of their pieces. I’m a nostalgic and emotional artist. I understand that there is often a great sentimentality attached to (in particular antique) furniture.

A while ago I purchased a beautiful antique Queen Anne dressing table, with 2 side tables and bed head that had been hand crafted by the lady’s father, who was a woodwork teacher for over 40 years.

His wife loved the style, so he made the suite for her. Sadly he had passed away 8 years ago, and his wife, one year ago, the suite then passing on to her daughter, who would have loved to keep it, but practicality didn’t allow it, as she had no room for it. Her Mother had purchased a new bed, but sat the bed head behind the new bed, and sat at her dressing table every day. Wow. Just beautiful. Who could not be moved by such a story? I was crying as Deb was telling me, and my promise to her was that, as an artist, I would respect the history of her pieces and send her pictures of it completed.

When I did I sent her the pictures, and she said even her Father would have been impressed by the finished product. High praise indeed. I know that Deb takes great comfort that even though she couldn’t keep the suite, she knows it will be loved by more generations to come.

There’s a wonderful satisfaction in the work I do, not just as an artist, but as a human being, connecting with people, sharing stories, history and being sympathetic to their story and circumstance.

It is that which inspires me to do an even better job, and to respect the story, the history of the pieces, and comfort in knowing they can now begin a new journey, not just go into landfill or collect dust in someone’s garage.

If I did this just for the money it would be a truly empty enterprise.

Until next time guys!
Tan x

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